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Feeling Overwhelmed? Let us help!

Secret Harbor is in its third year of a state-sponsored pilot program for our region, providing case aide support services to licensed foster parents, in Skagit and Snohomish Counties. We provide qualified, compassionate, and skilled Case Aides to support foster families, in their everyday lives. After all, we know how quickly a busy family life can feel like things are spiraling out of control.

A helping hand can mean many different things…

Our services are flexible, unique, and catered to you- the foster parent. You do not need to be licensed with Secret Harbor, but must hold a valid license from the State of Washington, reside in Skagit or Snohomish Counties, and have an active placement.

School Support

Need an extra hand with homework supervision or someone to watch the kids while you make dinner? We can help.


Too many places to be, not enough time? Need assistance with pick up’s and drop off’s? We can help.

Behavioral Support

If you find yourself struggling to handle new behaviors, and need advice or support, we can help.

Home Support

If you need assistance while you complete chores or tasks in the house, we can help.

Date Night

Just need a break? We can help.


Need someone to supervise or accompany youth on an appointment? We can help.

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to the Secret Harbor Team and to the case aids, Jasmine and Sydney for watching our “7” kiddos.

My wife Holly and I are grateful for having this opportunity, allowing us to have a memorable evening and dinner out with our sons and our daughter visiting from out of state. Just a quick note, Holly did return home approximately at 8:15, as we had connected in Sedro Woolley in two cars and we apologize for getting home a little late!

Very appreciative, Gabe & Holly

Supported families are happy families!

Retaining foster parents and keeping placements steady is our goal. We want to provide the necessary relief that foster parents need in order to feel supported. Supported foster families continue to take placements, encourage long-term placements, and are less likely to disrupt a placement or burn out.

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