Strengthening Families from Within

No parent becomes a parent with the intent of harming his or her child. All too many parents are unprepared for the responsibilities of parenthood, particularly if their child has complex needs. However, many parents want to do better and can do better if they have the tools they need to succeed. Many times, these parents have no idea how to ask for or receive that kind of support.

two Black men hugging in an office setting

Preventing and treating trauma helps a family stay a family.

Through the State’s referral program, Secret Harbor is able to provide wrap-around services to youth and families, either in-home to help prevent a removal, or in-home once a youth and their family are reunited.

The In-Home Support program provides intensive support and resources to families in their own homes – services similar to those offered in the foster care program. If a child has been in and out of home care, in-home support helps ease the safe transition back into a family home in the shortest amount of time possible. Or, in the best of situations, creative and individualized services may prevent an out-of-home placement altogether.

Help leads to hope and hope creates a future for families in crisis.

Family members are empowered and involved in every aspect of their child’s life. Shared decision making ensures that family members are receiving the resources and supports they need to be safe and successful.

Support Services

Intensive case management with regular visits to the home

Smaller case-loads ensure more personalized attention

Unique and individualized services on a family to family basis

Skilled mental health services available when needed

24-support line available for advice and crisis management

Social activities and recreation opportunities

Life-skills training and transportation assistance

Advocacy in the school system and support for special needs

Guaranteed respite care

Community-building and parent education provided