It's never too late to turn a life around.

Secret Harbor is proud to promote inclusivity and diversity and never discriminates based on marital status, race, religion, political beliefs, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

a group of diverse people holding hands, including one in a wheelchair

How do children end up at Secret Harbor?

With an understanding that birth families do the best they can, there are still too many families who are unable to meet their child’s needs. Family conflicts can be so severe that children must be removed from their own homes by the State of Washington until problems are remedied.

Secret Harbor accepts and succeeds with some of the most challenging children in foster care who come to us when their lives are out of control. The young people referred to Secret Harbor have often been in multiple foster homes. They feel rejected, scared, sad and angry – and they have developed negative behaviors and mental health issues associated with the trauma they have experienced.

With the help of Secret Harbor’s well trained and nurturing professionals, along with families that open their hearts and homes to these kids, these young people learn to trust again. They find temporary safety, therapeutic support, positive attention and acceptance. At Secret Harbor, they heal, learn how to laugh again, build healthy relationships and positive connections for their future.

Foster Care Services

Case Management

We provide intensive and personalized case management for every youth in our program with regular home visits and small case loads.


All of our cases are handed on a uniquely personal basis and cater to the needs of both the youth and their families.

Mental Health Care

Our staff and foster parents are trained in trauma-informed de-escalation techniques and each youth is provided with personalized mental health management plans.

Crisis Response

We have a 24-hour, 7 day a week on-call crisis response service so that you are never on your own.

Case Aide Support

Secret Harbor is one of the only agencies to provide qualified case aide support for all licensed families – support is just a phone call away.

Educational Support

We provide school support, attend meetings, and facilitate special services whenever needed.

Respite Care

We offer guaranteed respite each month to provide a break for foster parents and youth. Respite care encourages long-term placement and decreases burnout.


We offer comprehensive, continuing training opportunities to provide families and staff with all the tools they need to provide safe and informed service.

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