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The current state of the world is somber, to say the least, as we are in the thick of battling a global pandemic.

We realize that there is an overwhelming amount of need right now. Some of us may be feeling it very much in our own homes or seeing it happen to our neighbors. Maybe some of us are seeing it affect our favorite restaurants or retail establishments, or communities as a whole. Overall, it’s fair to say that everywhere you look, there is a cause worthy of support.

At Secret Harbor, we continue to work with our youth in our programs and are even making new placements when possible, in the safest way possible. But even during an unprecedented shutdown scenario, there are still youth in foster care who need support, compassion, and safety.

Our staff continues to work with the youth in every aspect possible. It is important to remember that youth more than ever are feeling isolated from their friends and family, they are confused and scared and it is our responsibility to care for them. Our staff and our foster families are heroes to our youth- continuing to care for them is our honor and if you are looking for ways to support foster youth and foster families, we would love to offer some suggestions!

As we enter into very unchartered territory, we as an agency will be taking a financial detour. We know that our projections will be way off and that our budget is going to be affected, but we will not let it affect our programs and our commitment to care. If you would like to make a donation in support of keeping our programs healthy and thriving, you can do so by calling (360)755-5700 x 438 or email

If you would like to donate a meal to a foster family who is caring for a foster youth during this extended stay-at-home period, please contact to arrange for a meal to be sent to their home.

We are also accepting donations of safety gear, such as masks, gloves, and sanitizer! Please contact to organize a pick-up or drop-off.

Additionally, we are battling the epidemic of BOREDOM! Being cooped up inside is hard for kids and we would love donations of electronics (old iPads/smartphones/laptops) or gaming devices as well as puzzles, board games, books, sports equipment, anything you can think of that would stave off that “nothing to do” feeling! Please contact to arrange for pick up or drop off.